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Croatia - Todd & Lynn Dick

News from Croatia!

Teaching/Preaching opportunities:

Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church

In January, Todd had the privilege of teaching “Sermon Delivery” in a TMAI school located in Sicily. The passion and commitment that these men have for the Word of God is a great encouragement. Each day was filled with both lecture and practice. By the end of the week their hearts were knit together as they learned to powerfully and passionately proclaim the Word of God. The men were together from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. In addition to the lectures, Todd enjoyed preaching each day for the men and the staff. The fellowship was rich and, of course, the food was excellent! At the end of the week Todd was tired — but it was a good “tired.” Please pray for the ministry of God’s Word in Italy.

Theological Biblical Academy — Krapina, Croatia

In addition to the teaching opportunity in Italy, Todd continues to teach in the Bible academy in Croatia. We continue to train men and prepare them for future ministry in Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia. We are thrilled to see these men grow in knowledge and passion for our Lord.

We are thankful that one graduate (Danijel) and one current student (Bostjan) serve in our church. It is a refreshing part of ministry to spend time with these two quality young men.


Cornerstone Baptist ChurchThis past fall and winter, Todd presented seminars on “What Does God Expect from the Church” and “The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of a Believer” These two seminars were well-received and several people have commented that they were a great encouragement. Currently, there is confusion2 in our area with regard to the work of the Holy Spirit, therefore, a local pastor specifically asked Todd to teach the seminar on the Holy Spirit.

Cornerstone Baptist ChurchApril 1-3, Todd will be the main speaker at a youth conference in Daruvar. Ivan Spicak is the pastor and a graduate of our Bible school. A year ago Ivan was ordained as their pastor and is doing an excellent job of shepherding the church. Todd is a little nervous since he doesn’t seem to fit the youth conference speaker “mold.” Thankfully, Ivan wants the ministries of his church to be based upon expository preaching and not on “cool” personalities (therefore, Todd can be a part!). He will speak on the life of faith from Hebrews 11. Please pray for the conference: 1) Todd’s ability to effective communicate God’s Word and 2) for the hearts of young people to be teachable and their lives changed.

Cornerstone Baptist ChurchChurch in Mursko Sredisce

It is common for churches throughout Croatia to celebrate “Dan Zahvalnost” (Day of Thanksgiving). This is a Sunday, usually in November, when we give thanks for the fall harvest and all the good gifts that God gives us. This past “Day of Thanksgiving” our body of believers made a special effort to make it an evangelistic service. Each one prepared their testimony proclaiming their thankfulness for God’s grace in their lives. Many shared their personal testimony of salvation, other’s shared the grace of God in bringing 5 adopted children into their home, and others shared their thankfulness for the church and God’s Word being clearly taught.

Cornerstone Baptist ChurchMany unbelievers attended that morning and sat nervously on their chairs. However, they heard our church proclaim that we are thankful — regardless of our circumstances — for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray with us for the people who walk through our doors, hear the gospel and are yet not convinced.


Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist ChurchCornerstone Baptist ChurchIn December we had a Christmas concert and our churched was filled with visitors (see photos above). Through songs and preaching it was a great evening of sharing the birth of our Savior to unsaved friends and family. On a more personal note, the concert was extra special to us, since Seth played “O Holy Night” as a saxophone solo and Abigail played a duet with another girl in our church. All three were a part of the children’s choir and Lynn joined the adult choir this year.


This past month 2 teenage girls, Tena and Elizabeta, professed faith in Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for these young girls and continually pray for their spiritual growth in the Lord.

Todd continues to preach Sundays and Wednesdays. Our church is growing in their love for God and their passion to serve Him. Please continue to pray for our small body of believers here in Mursko Sredisce — that they would be built up and strengthened in their faith.


On the home front all is going well. The kids have a few months of school remaining. We know this because they have begun counting the weeks. We are looking forward to spending the summer here in Croatia, at home!

Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist ChurchWe celebrated 18 years of marriage this March. Crazy to think about — but 13 of these years have been in Croatia — what a great adventure God has led us on these past 18 wonderful years together! Praise God for His many blessings!