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Croatia - Todd & Lynn Dick

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Three Ways to Give

On-line-Giving: Go to https://www.gracechurch.org/dick and select either monthly or one-time gift. You’ll need a username and password if you don’t have one already (see website for instructions).

Mail in a Check: Send a check made out to “Grace Ministries International” with “Dick-Croatia” in the memo line. Mail it to GMI (address below).

Automated Checking Account Giving: Download the form at http://static.gracechurch.org/outreach/GMIdirectbroch2010.pdf and mail it to GMI or contact us and we’ll send you a form to sign up for the service.

All gifts are tax deductible. Contributions are to be made with the understanding that GMI (a ministry of Grace Community Church) has complete control and administration of the donated funds).

Our email address: toddandlynn@gmail.com

Address in the States:

Todd & Lynn Dick
7823 Tango Ln.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Grace Ministries International

13248 Roscoe Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 909-5728
Address in Croatia:

Todd & Lynn Dick
Zavrtna 2a
40315 Mursko Sredisce, Croatia